Our Sweet Jameson Karter
Jameson Karter Gibney: June 19th, 2014

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Our Story of Love at First Sight…

Our story began in December of 2013, right around Christmas time. My fiancé and I found out that she was pregnant and we were extremely excited as she had been wanting to have a baby. Fast forward to about April of 2014 and that's when things started to pop up on us. We had gone to a traditional appointment with our OBGYN after having had a sonogram done. That was the day we found out that our son had an omphalocele and our doctor wanted us to see a specialist. Between appointments, we were researching his condition and preparing ourselves to get through it together. After reading on it night and day we realized it really wasn't all that major. The next appointment was at sister's hospital in Buffalo, NY to have a Amniocentesis test done. This was being done to rule out any chromosome issues he may have had. Everything came back great with those test results. We then had an appointment with Dr. LeLe at Women and Children's h ospital. At that appointment we found out that things just weren't normal with Jameson. He had his omphalocele in which contained his liver and intestines, cranial synestosis, and a very bad curve in his spine from the omphalocele. We went home, did our research and decided that we would continue to fight. It was at 25 weeks when Momma noticed something wasn't right. We went to the hospital to be sure everything was okay because we wanted to keep our Jameson safe. That night we found out that she was leaking amniotic fluid and that she would be admitted to the hospital. The hospital stay ended up being for a little over a week. About halfway through our stay Momma began to get really bad pains in her chest, that she and the doctors chalked up as heartburn as she is on meds for frequent heartburn. The first day the heartburn meds worked. By the second day, the pain was so excruciating for her she wasn't able to get up and go to the bathroom let alone eat something. Any thing that went down came right back up. At this point I became increasingly worried. Finally after 3 days, we are still so thankful for him to this day, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson ordered a blood test and it came back showing that Heather had HELPP syndrome and they had to deliver the baby within 30 minutes or she would lose her life. Within those 30 minutes we talked to several specialists in regards to what would need to be done too Jameson in order to keep him here with us and what the consequences of such treatments were likely to be. It was the hardest decision of my life, but because of the medical advice from such great doctors, heather and I choose not to resuscitate for the sole purpose of quality of life for Jameson. We decided if he is meant to be here, he will fight and come through. There's never a day that goes by where we don't say "what if". We have 2 beautiful children at home now and its hard not to think about what life would be like had our little a ngel been able to make it.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn about our baby who will only live on in our hearts… forever. We would like to ask that you help the organization that has helped us and helps so many others in their times of need.

All donations made to this page are made in loving memory of our baby gone too soon and will be used towards the WNYPBN’s Program.


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