We all walk a similar path through the grief of perinatal loss,
yet each path is as unique as it is exquisitely painful.
Tell us about your journey of love at first sight.

In sharing your story of loss and of love at first sight, you unite with others who are affected by the loss of a baby.  You can also help support the WNYPBN in their mission to help families and honor lives.  Share or update your story by completing the form here:

Love at First Sight Form

Below are the stories of some of the families that have been afflicted with the loss of a beloved baby due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or early infant death.  The WNYPBN works tirelessly to assist and support these bereaved and hurting families in their times of need.

Anthony McCooey-Viele Arena Family

"Three Little Birds" Backstrom Buckner Family

Fahey Family Frankowski Family

Goldyn Family Graziano Family

Guthrie Family Heigl Family

Helper Family Kim Angels

Kuhrt Family Marchese Family

Oattes & Costa Family Opoka Family

Paolini Family Parrinello Family

Penrod-Campione Rodgers Family

Rosario Family Swader Family

Thomas Family The Harrington Family

Zimmer Family My Li'l Angel Kaufmann

Cooper Family Ingalsbe Family

Bley Family Brandt Family

Bragg Family Robinson Family

Harter Family Cieri Family

Mullen Family Jank Family

Hand Family Leisenheimer Family

Stewart Family John Paul's Story

Burtis Family Sypniewski Story

Graupmann Family Kozaczka Story

Paluch Family Browne Story

Ethan Michael Packard Zachariah Samuel Lindenau

Isabella Marie Our Sweet Carolyn

Amaya K Lewis Brad and Clare

Baby Voigt Ogden Family

Justin Gibney Royster Family

Please donate to the WNYPBN to help us continue our work in creating and maintaining the myriad programs designed to assist families in their grief.

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