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Thank you to those who have donated in loving memory of our baby.

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Our Story of Love at First Sight…

I found out that I was pregnant with my first child in Jan 2010. Emmaus was due Oct 1,2010. I had tried to conceive for 9 yrs before this, and was told that I would most likely not be able to have children. I was truly given a gift. My pregnancy was pretty easy, for the most part. In early may, after 2 days of not feeling well, I went to the hospital and discovered I was in labor. My water broke, and labor stopped. I was 22 wks pregnant, so they sent me home to wait things out. After 10 days of praying and waiting, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. We knew that he would not live long, and holding him against me and feeling his heart beating is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Emmaus only lived for 2 hours, but during that time our family held him, kissed him and prayed over him. The worst feeling in the world is walking out of a hospital with a box of momentos when everyone else is walking out with babies. 

I have since been blessed with 2 more babies, who are the loves of my life, but I will never forget the pain I felt when I lost my son. Being surrounded by people who share your grief, along with the strength of my faith, are the only things that got me through this with my sanity. I think that a network like this is vital to giving families back their hope and strength. Please donate!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn about our baby who will only live on in our hearts… forever. We would like to ask that you help the organization that has helped us and helps so many others in their times of need.

All donations made to this page are made in loving memory of our baby gone too soon and will be used towards the WNYPBN’s Program.


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