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Thank you to those who have donated in loving memory of our baby.

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Our Story of Love at First Sight…

Gabraella (Gabbie) Joy Swader was born still on April 25, 2010. After what was a relatively healthy pregnancy, Gabbie stopped moving at 38 weeks and 1 day because of a cord accident and was born the same day. She was perfect in every way except that she was not breathing. As a result of a condition known as polyhydroamnios, she had too much room to move and got wrapped up in her cord. Gabraella was third of four children. As much as the loss is devastating to parents it also affects family, extended family, and friends. We will miss her so very much, and her sisters, who will never get to meet her, will forever feel the absence her death created. She is survived by her two older sisters, Skyler (10), Gracie (4) and her younger rainbow sister, Evie who was born just this year and is nearly 4 months old. Since her loss, butterflies have come to symbolize her short and yet dramatic mark she has left on this world. In Gabbie's honor a flag project has been created in which we collect handmade flags from other families who have also suffered losses and display them at other Walks and memorial services. Please consider donating to help others who feel the devastation of leaving a hospital with empty arms.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn about our baby who will only live on in our hearts… forever. We would like to ask that you help the organization that has helped us and helps so many others in their times of need.

All donations made to this page are made in loving memory of our baby gone too soon and will be used towards the WNYPBN’s Program.


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