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Angel Robes

The Angel Robes Program was created by the WNYPBN to assist hospitals in their need for garments for babies who have died.    This program enlists volunteers to sew burial garments, such as hats, gowns, blankets and angel pockets for families served within the Network. Volunteers also create memory boxes for bereaved families. These are all lovingly donated to area hospitals’ Labor and Delivery departments.

These garments are used solely for babies who have died.

Any donations of garments or sewing and scrapbooking materials are greatly appreciated.

WNYPBN would like to thank all the volunteers for their donation of time and creativity.Volunteers knit blankets, hats, sew burial garments, angel pockets and create memory boxes to supply to our collaborating 13 Labor & Delivery Hospital bereavement programs in our 8 county area. If you would like to donate material, yarn, wedding gowns or photo boxes, or scrapbooking embellishments please contact Christine Scott.

WNYPBN & Mykell's Model & Talent is accepting bridal gown donations for a bridal show/auction that will take place summer/fall 2017. The gowns will be modeled and auctioned at affordable prices. All proceeds will go to the WNYPBN, a non for profit organization that offers support to families that have loss an infant or a child. Participants will also have the option to donate the gowns back for "The Angel Robes Program" where volunteers will create beautiful handmade infant burial gowns. To donate a bridal gown please contact Christine at Christine@wnypbn.org or Ramona Sanford at mykellsmodelandtalent@gmail.com. The loving Random Act of Kindness is done in memory of Ramona's nephew Mykell Sanford 2/9/14-4/19/14.

Sibling Program - Services

Our sibling support program has helped many children in a small way, by offering comfort when a baby has died. As part of the sibling support program, the WNYPBN sends bereaved siblings a stuffed animal “Pal” or a “Blankie”. Children also receive a book about the loss of a baby and an informational guide for parents about the developmental stages of loss and grief children may experience.

The Sibling Program also provides for Safe Arrivals.  Newborn brothers and sisters of Angels will receive a “Blankie” and the book,” Someone Came Before You” by Pat Schwiebert.

The Network wants to be able to do more for the children who have lost a baby brother or sister. We are offering a quarterly sibling event that could offer bereaved siblings the opportunity to meet one another, participate in activities to promote healing, and even have a little bit of fun. The WNYPBN is incredibly excited to be able to expand the Sibling Program and serve the children who are also grieving.

Remembering Love in a Heartbeat

"Remembering Love in a Heartbeat" support parents who are faced with a terminal pregnancy diagnosis & offers families the opportunity to have their baby's heart beat recorded on a small recording device that is then placed into a stuffed Bunny or Bear. This is an opportunity for the family to always hear their precious baby's heart beat, another beautiful memory.

"Remembering Love in a Heartbeat" program is supported in collaboration with Bruce & Jennifer Pritchett bereaved Parents of Helen Lois Pritchett Bear & Bunny Pouches are handmade with Love by Beverly Ingalsbe, bereaved Grandmother of Alyssa Sophia Ingalsbe

Hopeful Hearts, The Otis Bear

Subsequent Pregnancy Heartbeat Bear Program for Bereaved Families
By: Bereaved Mother, Lena Croce in memory of Riley, Gabriella & Baby Croce
I have been pregnant four times. I have one living child. As you can imagine, the fourth time I became pregnant, I was scared it would end too early...just as my previous pregnancies did, and I would lose the baby. Don't get me wrong, I was hopeful, too; but scared out of my mind. Being familiar with losses, one thing I know for sure is that the time I has with the baby was precious, and I wanted to make as many memories as I could while I held my baby inside, because I didn't know if I'd get to hold this baby outside. Being categorized as a high risk pregnancy, I received several ultrasounds. I brought a little recording device to one of my visits and recorded my baby's heartbeat. Having that recording was a great comfort to me for the duration of my pregnancy. It was mine forever. We put the recorder in a teddy bear. My baby girl, Adelaide Joy, was born into this world on January 23, 2015, and we have taken her picture with that bear every month since. I became inspired that other moms with high risk subsequent pregnancies might find having their baby's heart beat recorded forever may be helpful to get them through what I know can be a very challenging pregnancy, both mentally and physically. If you are experiencing the anxiety of a subsequent pregnancy after a loss, I hope you find comfort having your very own Hopeful Hearts Otis Bear. Please contact Christine @ 716 626-6363 if you would like to take part in the program.

Care Package / Journal Program

The WNYPBN will be there for you every step of the way throughout your journey of grief. We design a give a small package for each newly bereaved family that contains information about who we are, about grief, as well some small tokens acknowledging the beautiful, though brief, life of their baby.

One of the tokens families will receive in their care package is a Grief Journal, designed by Lisa Jerebko, in loving memory of her son, John Paul Jerebko, November 18, 1999. Journaling your emotions and feelings when you are grieving can be therapeutic and healing. Please use this journal to record your thoughts and the memories of your baby before they fade.

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