Wings of Love Memorial Fund To ease some of the unexpected financial burden placed on grieving families during the tragic loss of an infant.

Wings of Love is a program of the WNYPBN and was started in loving memory of Jacob Wesley Scott and his fellow baby angels. WoL provides financial assistance for burial costs to bereaved parents. Families can qualify for up to $350 to assist with burial expenses for infants up to one year old. For more information, contact Christine Scott at 716-626-6363, or fill out our form. Thank you!
As written by Christine Scott, founder of Wings of Love: "My son Jacob Wesley Scott was born still on May 27, 2000. Even though several years have passed, there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of him, miss him, and love him. In his honor, I want to share that love and strength he has given me with all of the parents in our community who experience the loss of their child."
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Grief Process
The grief process can be a long and lonely road after the death of a baby.

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Phrases to support you during your grief.


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